About Us

Elusion Camo Top Points:

Any environment, Anytime Of Year, On the ground, In the treestand. How is that possible you ask?


The ability to Absorb & Reflect light exactly as nature does in our pattern technology. Our imagery is collected at exact times, distances and in perfect lighting conditions. Therefore the patterns will accept the changes in the daylight to blend in naturally as all other natural elements do. Bright light, we blend in, dark shadows, we blend in. In testing of the deer vision theory, our camo technology rose above the rest as our imagery on fabric did exactly what the elements near them did, they changed color exactly to match the surroundings and the depth was even more defined. No need for green in spring or brown in fall. You may use any of our patterns in any season and be seen only as the natural element we replicate in the pattern, therefore not spooking game at any distance for any reason of sight. The bottom line You are NEVER out of place in nature when in Elusion Camo. see any of our images to get a feel for what I am saying when I tell you there is no need for a seasonal pattern...they all work year round.